A yellow orchid, or is it hibiscus; Surely not but what

Of it, a yellow flower, say.

Now we have a purple plane, a flat surface, smooth I think with a reflective surface.

In which case is it purple throughout, or is it, in itself purple?

Sorry? Ok

No, let us admit that it is merely mirroring the blue and red hues of a nearby source.



Can’t see it

Let us admit

Where is the yellow flower at this point?

The orchid?

Or the hibiscus…

I do think you are confusing your flowers.

Orchid then

Alright, better. Where is it?

It’s there, poised on the cool surface of the glass, rolling gently to and fro. Roll roll stop. Roll roll stop.


The wind moves it.

The wind would only move it one way. Keep blowing as wind does. Blow it off the glass.

This wind works differently.

I’m beginning to doubt your observational skills.

It blows one way then the other, in turn.

No wind blows in such a way, no natural breeze.

This one does, look.

Hey let go of my hand!

Look, it’s rolling the other way now, I told you.

We’re standing the other side. The flower is still rolling the same way

It’s going to fall off

No it won’t


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